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ISBN: 9781907726835
May 2010
Xcite Books
173 Pages
Erotic; Sci-Fi; Fantasy; Time Travel; Futuristic
Rating: 3 Cups

Annie Harrison has a good life with some minor moments that can be a little annoying. But like every other person in the World, she has learned to deal with them.

Matt is the lead singer for the band Six Impossible Things. With Annie’s fantastic support he has been able to concentrate on trying to get his band noticed by the record companies.

When Annie gets a chance to interview a hypnotist, she is expecting some charlatan but instead encounters the real deal. After helping her to quit smoking, he begins to show her how she can find out what her future self will be like. Meanwhile, as her life in the present continues on, she and Matt begin to explore new and gloriously sexual areas of their lives. When it comes down to choosing between her future self and her present self, will she choose the right one?

Someone Else’s Skin is one hot read! The different sexual scenarios that Ms. Coldwell tells is so sizzling that I felt my computer might just self-combust at any moment. Sections of the futuristic parts of this story were a little harder for me to grasp as I felt as if I was jumping into the middle of another story. However, I felt the way Annie struggled with who she wanted to be really showed through in this tale. This is an intriguing and unique novel that will keep you interested until the end.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of anal play, anal sex, m/f/m, bondage, role playing, and voyeurism.

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