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ISBN#: 9780373697489
March 2014
Harlequin Intrigue
$5.50 US/$6.25 CAN
216 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Bentley B & B is a well-known, highly respected establishment that Sarah Bentley takes great pride in. Long hours and little to no vacations makes it hard to have a life outside of her job, although being her own boss and doing things her way makes it all worth it.

The best man’s job is usually pretty simple, Blake Randall however has a little more to do than host a bachelor party and make a few toasts. The fathers-in-law to be are a senator and a general, which means high security for both the men and their families.

Blake has spent years as an Army Ranger, and is no closer to figuring out who is behind the threats to the wedding party. If not for Sarah’s help, he would be having even more trouble, even though she wrecks his concentration. She is tough, smart, and way too beautiful for him to focus on his job. As hard as it is for Sarah to relinquish control of anything, she knows Blake is a man she can trust, maybe even share a part of herself no one ever sees.

I love the setting in which this story takes place. The impending blizzard is a fantastic backdrop for the dangers swirling inside the walls of the B & B. You can literally feel the tension build as the inches pile up outside. And to top it all off, Sarah and Blake are like burning embers ready to spark at any given moment.

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