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ISBN# 9781573449342
15 October 2013
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
222 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Smoking Stilettos
She has really done it this time, but no way is Red going down without a fight.

It may have been an accident, sort of, yet Matt is determined to make her pay.

Scrambling up the fire truck is probably not her best idea. Still, Red is having a hard time being sorry. Whether she knows it or not, Matt has her right where he wants her.

The chase may be fun, but it is the capture that really gets the heart pumping.

Saving Charlotte
What Mark Conner sees when he enters the room is enough to make his blood boil.

Nearly getting burnt to a crisp is a turning point that opens Charlotte’s eyes in so many ways.

After that horrific day, Mark never really thinks he will see her again. Charlotte, however, cannot get Mark or his promise out of her mind.

Mark hones right in on Charlotte’s desires, showing just how amazing he is in and out of uniform.

Hook Me Up
This is what Lexi Wentworth gets for thinking she can slip out quickly and not be seen in nothing but a nightie.

If she were not so beautiful and obviously in trouble, Knox Bennett would have to laugh.

Hanging upside down in a tree is not how Lexi planned to meet the sexiest man alive. Knox can only hope he will get to see Lexi again. So, when she shows up at the station, he knows his life will never be the same.

Firemen rescuing cats in trees may be clichéd. This story, however, takes it in a whole new delicious direction.

Big Trucks
Getting to the scene fast and safe is what Amy Whitacker does best, behind the wheel of the fire truck.

Hearing the tones go off gets the blood pumping for Steve Tillery. Seeing Amy handle the big red truck sends that blood rushing south.

Steve thinks he is pretty good at keeping his feelings to himself, especially since he works with Amy. Apparently, she is better equipped at knowing what he needs than he is.

Office romance may never be a good idea, but hot sweaty sex in a fire truck? Who would say no to that?

Lost and Found
Getting out of a dead end job, not to mention a dead end life, makes Anna move thousands of miles away to Italy.

Trying to save the child’s life is as instinctual as breathing for William. He does not think. He just reacts.

The almost tragedy is enough to kick Anna out of this funk she has been feeling for far too long. Once she meets William face to face, she knows this is where she is meant to be.

The biggest risks sometimes reap the biggest rewards, of which Anna is the lucky recipient.

Temperature Rising
This one night, Delilah Morgan is going to let her fantasies run free.

Seeing her sitting there is all Jonah needs to set this night in motion.

Just watching him walk across the room ignites Delilah’s desires, priming her for what comes next. Jonah can see in her eyes exactly what she is longing for, and he intends to deliver.

The job is serious stuff. So when it is time to play, Jonah and Delilah know how to make the most of it.

Unexpected Detour
Even off duty, José does not think twice about running into a burning building.

There are not enough words for Isabella to express her gratitude.

José cannot explain why his normal caution around women evaporates with Isabella. He just goes with it. She is the curvy dark-haired beauty of his fantasies come to life, so he is not going to let her slip away.

Beautiful dark eyes set in luscious caramel skin all wrapped up in hard-packed muscle are enough to make any hot-blooded woman go up in flames.

Rescue Me
Irritation is running high when Addi Mason is dragged from her shower by the pounding on her front door.

This will be one fire-fighter Trey Hansen may never live down to.

Addi does not even make it to the door before it crashes open, and she is lifted off her feet. Her instant shock lasts long enough for her to get a good look at her uninvited guest. What happens after is pure lust.

Ready to take back her life, Addi and Trey’s reunion feels like it is meant to be.

Chasing Fire
Chase has known for a while that he wants forever. He just never expects the response.

Seeing the wives and girlfriends of smoke jumpers worry themselves sick is exactly why Maggie needs to end this now.

Once Chase hits the ground, nothing breaks his focus, but the trip down gives his brain time to think of Maggie. How has she let this happen? Maggie has no idea, which means the minute she sees Chase again, she has to tell him.

Feelings have a sneaky way of happening, whether you are ready or not.

Being a nurse, Aida feels she should be handling this so much better, which is definitely easier said than done.

It does not take an expert to see the fear behind her eyes. Drew wants to help her get past it more than anything.

Just thinking how close she comes to dying makes Aida want to burst into tears, even if having Drew near is certainly helping. Once Aida gets over the shock and after a good night’s sleep, Drew has the perfect cure to keep her mind otherwise occupied.

After a scare like Aida’s, there is nothing better than some life-affirming action.

Something’s Burning
Someone who gets through medical school to become a doctor should be able to cook on a grill. Not so for Dr. Bree Hardy. Time and again, he proves just how inept she actually is.

When he sees his fence on fire, Ronan does not find his neighbor’s grilling disasters quite so funny anymore.

The short wet silky robe is enough to douse Ronan’s ire. Still, more than enough to ignite the fire elsewhere. He is certain the guys at the firehouse will rib him good for this, but at the moment he could really care less.

Thankfully, Bree has the perfect neighbor to put out all of her fires!

Fire Hazard
Getting out of a burning building is bad enough. Having to do so with an irate cat is just about more than she can handle.

Helping her back to her apartment is part of the job, even if Jackson’s thoughts are definitely not all professional.

The cuts and scratches Brute has left behind sting. That bit of pain only seems to enflame what she is feeling with Jackson’s touch. He carefully and methodically cleans away the blood. If she needs it, Jackson is more than willing to sooth the pain any way he can.

Collateral damage puts her in Jackson’s most capable hands.

The Fireman’s Rescue
Something about the young woman sets Drew’s nerves on edge.

When she sees the fire, Heather reacts without a second’s thought.

After awakening outside the house, Drew’s first reaction is to lash out, even knowing it is his own fear talking. Heather has gotten under his skin without even trying. Now Drew must make amends and tell her exactly how he feels.

Heather is one gutsy girl who does not let a little arrogance stand in the way of getting to know the man on the inside.

Falling Ashes
The absolute worst is not knowing which is the state Susan is in right now.

After every call, they have a pact. But this time, Trent’s text goes unanswered.

Susan is nearly in a blind panic when she flies out the door to find Trent, only to come to a dead stop against him. Trent sees the fear and anguish in Susan’s eyes. It is up to him to remove it, here and now.

Fear morphs into a blazing fire when Trent takes Susan in his arms.

Fire Extinguisher
Hearing the sirens always makes her worry, even though she knows her husband is the best of the best.

Every order Eric sends out to his crew could mean their life or death, his included.

Some calls are far worse than others, and it looks like this one is pretty bad. She gets everything ready for Eric’s return, because he will need her tonight more than usual.

To avoid Eric burning out, she gives him the freedom of letting her take total control.

Her Hero
Like with any high risk job, sometimes Holly must take a back seat to her husband’s work, which is not always easy on a marriage.

With so much going on, Nathan lets the day slip right by him.

If she does not do something soon, Holly fears she is going to lose her husband. Still, getting into a serious car accident is not what she has in mind. With his heart in his throat, Nathan now knows the terror Holly feels every time he goes on a call.

Sometimes, the shoe needs to go on the other foot for two people to appreciate really what they have.

Johnny Blaze
The night out with the girls for her twenty-fifth birthday is turning out to be more than Bridget is prepared for.

That body in that skirt has Johnny stepping up his routine and changing the show.

The man in the fireman’s pants is non-other than the gorgeous hunk Bridget has been eyeing for weeks. Having him be her birthday surprise is as hot as it is unnerving.

As far as birthday wishes go, this is definitely one of the best!

The men and women who put their lives on the line day in and day out make for some serious fantasy action. If you have ever had a crush on a fireman or just firemen in general, you are going to love the stories in this anthology. If courageous, daring and downright sexy is how every one of these men captures your attention, their devotion to do the right thing is what grabs your heart. But never forget it also takes a special kind of person to love these firefighters through the fears, tears and never ending dangers.

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