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ISBN: 9780425239957/ 9781101470701/ 9781101479049
April 2011
Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin Group Inc.
Paperback/ Adobe eBook/ ePub eBook
$15.00-USa/ $18.50-CAN/ $9.99
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance; Ages 18 and Up
Rating: 5 Cups

Thea Sorensen knows she should be devastated that her husband cheated on her. Instead, she finds the thought of divorce somewhat a relief.

Garret Sorensen wants to hate Thea, not only because of what she has done to his brother emotionally, but because of what she did to his own heart fifteen years ago. He has kept his distance all these years, but now finds he cannot stay away from the one woman who holds his heart in her hands.

Jonathan Sorensen truly thought he loved Thea, but after they split up, he realizes what he feels is mostly anger at his soon-to-be ex-wife. He is angry that her feelings toward him were not the love she felt for his brother all those years ago.

As Thea tries to weave her way through life without Jonathan, a daughter who suddenly finds a fascination with fire, a brother-in-law who is WAY too sexy and a business that is booming, soon has her questioning whether she knows who she really is. Jonathan is finding himself as well, and when a certain teacher catches his eye, he notices the feelings he has for her are quite different than the emotions he felt toward Thea. Meanwhile, Garret is playing tug-of-war as his brain is telling him to stay as far away from Thea as possible while his heart is telling him to claim her as his own. During a time when emotions, distrust and passions run high, can Garret, Thea and Jonathan find the path they are supposed to take that will give them the happiness they are looking for?

Slow Dancing on Price’s Pier is an emotionally charged novel that has you feeling empathy, anger, and even some humor as these three characters struggle with the dilemma of divorce and how it affects everyone surrounding them. I love the way Ms. Dale wrote the flashbacks into the novel as they give the reader a taste of how Thea, Garret and Jonathan came to be best friends, and what originally split them up all those years ago. To top it off, the author includes many facts about coffee that range from being intriguing to interesting and sometimes quirky. At one point I found myself wanting to rub some coffee into my skin to see if it would truly work to keep the bugs away. From the first page until the last this novel gripped me, moved me and had me rooting for these wonderful characters as they finally found the paths they searched for.

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