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Sky Tinted Water, Book 1
31 January 2013
Keta Diablo
174 Pages
Sweet Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Rory Hudson is an Irish immigrant who joins her sister’s family in settling out west during the threat of the Civil War and Dakota Sioux uprisings. She does not believe in love at first sight till she meets Dawson, who convinces her otherwise. But her new true love is threatened and tested by the possibility of Dawson enlisting in the army, the Indian uprising and a danger closer to home, which is never expected.

Dawson Finch is a simple man with hidden depths of intelligence and understanding of the world. He believes in love at first sight and works to find a way to convince Rory. The conflicts of battle and war have him choosing between his wife and what he believes is right. In following his beliefs, he hopes his wife, whom he has left behind, will be safe.

Starting a home and family, Rory remains pregnant, and she gets mysterious surprise gifts that may mean trouble. One of her neighbors has also been acting strange, but the actual trouble will put Rory and her child in peril. Hopefully, Dawson, with unexpected help, will arrive home in time.

This is a charming and enjoyable story for someone who wants to read a sweet historical romance set in that time and place. I can tell research has been done, but I am not blasted with the details, which are woven nicely into the story, adding authenticity. Rory and Dawson’s beautiful love is the main part of the story. Angst is added through the mysteries and suspense of war and things closer to home.

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