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A Demon Bound Novel, book 1
ISBN#: 9780451226976/ 9781101060469/ 9781101060643/ 9781101060827
July 2009
Heat, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
288 Pages
Adult Fiction, Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Nicole "Angel" Remington used to be a lingerie model for Good and Trashy Lingerie, the biggest fetish store in Los Angeles. The angel tattoo on her shoulder was how her identity went from Nicky to Angel, and the nickname stuck.

Jackson Bledsoe is one of the reality stars of the hit show, Sin City Ink. The night before he turned eighteen he used one of his dead father's drawings to give matching tattoos to himself and the love of his life. Eight years has passed since Nicky ran out on him, but he wants to see her for one purpose and one purpose only.

When Jackson kidnaps her with the intention of changing her famous tattoo, Nicky is not happy especially since it will help her get enough money to get her daughter from her soon to be ex-husband. She has to find some way to convince the sexy man to leave her tattoo exactly as it is and devises a plan to have him think she is still in love with him. Jackson uses all of his domineering ways to control Nicky and the fight over her tattoo soon turns to an attraction that will not be ignored. The secrets that she has kept from him span many years and she hopes he will never find out, because if he does, Nicky is not certain that Jackson will forgive her for all she has held from him including why she ran out that night so many years ago.

Skin Deep tells the story of two troubled souls whose lives were connected with a deep and abiding love, even years after they have parted. Ms. Evans uses the sensual world of domination and submission to tell the story of Nicky and Jackson and all they have endured throughout the years. While Nicky is seen as a heart breaker through Jackson's eyes, the real truth will have you sad for all she has had to suffer. The struggle that Jackson has with himself, as well as his powerful anger toward Nicky, is written with intense emotions. A wonderful read full of sexual heat and a potent tale. I can guarantee that by the end of this book you will be hoping for a happy ever after.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of BDSM, anal play, and is a red-hot romance!

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