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Texas Sirens Series
Book 1: Small Town Siren
Book 2: Siren in the City
Book 3: Siren Enslaved

Texas Sirens 3
ISBN: 1610342917
February 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc. Imprint: Ménage Everlasting
276 Pages
Erotic Romance; BDSM; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 5 Cups

Danielle “Dani” Bay has been in love with her best friend forever. But since he is gay, she knows she has to look elsewhere to find a man to settle down with.

Finn Taylor loves Dani but he is afraid to tell her. Since she is his best friend and seems to think he only goes for men, he is terrified she will reject him.

Julian Lodge is tired of having one sub after another leave him for someone else. Needing a vacation from his BDSM club, he travels to Willow Fork, Texas, with the intention to relax.

On the day she is supposed to say “I Do” to her fiancé, Dani finds herself escaping in Julian’s car. What follows is an introduction into the BDSM world that leaves her realizing what has been missing from her life all this time. Finn is furious when he finds out that Julian is dominating Dani until he joins their twosome. While Finn and Dani have put their whole heart into the experience, Julian continues to keep himself aloof and away from the dangerous pitfall of love. But when the Dom’s past catches up to him, it may be too late for him to proclaim his love for his two subs.

Whether you are a longtime fan of Ms. Oak or just reading her for the first time, I can guarantee she will definitely steal your heart and have you craving more. Siren Enslaved is no different as the various subject matter throughout the story gives testament to the talent this amazing author has. Each character has emotional obstacles they need to overcome in order to reach the level of love this book promises. As the tantalizing tale continues, we see three characters in varying degrees of poignant moments that make up the heart and soul of this book. Every time I read a Sophie Oak novel, I know I am going to be reading a story full of heart, emotion, pitfalls, and steamy sex!

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