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ISBN #978-0385343206
November 27, 2012
Delacorte Press
368 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

The world knows Olivia Grayson as a consummate businesswoman; a powerhouse CEO who built her company from the ground up. Her four children see her as the woman who was too busy with work to be their mother. Her youngest child has written her off entirely, and she knows it will take a monolithic effort on her part to keep the other three from doing the same.

Outwardly calm and unaffected, Phillip Grayson feels betrayed by his mother’s decision to allow his father and grandmother to raise him as a child. As his own marriage crumbles, he is forced to reconsider everything he thought was truth. It will take the warmth and affection of someone totally unexpected to thaw the ice from Phillip’s heart and teach him not only love, but forgiveness.

John Grayson is happily married to a woman nothing like his mother. When he is not working at the family office, he is utterly absorbed in his wife and his painting. So wrapped up in his own version of comfortable, John cannot see his own son struggling to find an identity. It will take the help and startling insight of his mother to set things right. Liz feels like the black sheep of her overachieving family. Her writing has never amounted to anything, and her beautiful daughters are her only claim to success. Just when she worries she will be forever a failure, she meets a new agent. Not only does he think she is a talented writer, he convinces her of her allure as a woman.

This is a fantastic story with beautifully complex characters that truly draw the reader in to experience their heartrending emotional ups and downs. That said, the book reads as though it were an executive summary of a really great story. There is the promise of such depth, and so much information streaming into the reader’s mind all at once that it is a little overwhelming.

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