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Sinner’s Trio Series

Book 1: Sins of a Virgin
Boook 2: Sins of a Ruthless Rogue

Sinner’s Trio, Book 2
ISBN# 978006223135
26 March 2013
Avon Books
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Clayton Campbell has only one thing on his mind now that the war is over—vengeance. Using the fortune and talents he has acquired in his work as a spy, he maneuvers himself into a position to dismantle methodically the empire of those who once destroyed his bright future. The only hitch in his plan is that he cannot squash his body’s response to the woman who once has held his heart.

Olivia Swift is shocked when the childhood love she has thought dead shows up at her home as a man full of hate for her and her family. His appearance stirs up feelings she has thought long dead. She has never meant for her actions to hurt Clayton, and she has spent the last years trying to make up for her family’s sins.

Just as Clayton is about to get his revenge, Russian revolutionaries take Olivia captive. It does not take Clayton long to realize the irate operatives believe Olivia to be one of Clayton’s fellow British spies. Knowing she has very little time, he pulls together every asset he has in order to find her, soon discovering that love and hate often dance hand in hand.

Picking up where Sins of a Virgin has left off, Ms. Randol’s Sinner’s Trio provides a richly embroidered back story for each of her characters. Readers will cheer on the dashing Clayton as he puts aside his vengeance and discovers love instead. I cannot wait to see what may be in store for the final Sinner in this bunch.

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