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House of Pleasure

Book 1: Simply Sexual
Book 2: Simply Sinful
Book 3: Simply Shameless
Book 4: Simply Wicked
Book 5: Simply Insatiable
Book 6: Simply Forbidden
Book 7: Simply Carnal
Book 8: Simply Voracious
Book 9: Simply Scandalous

House of Pleasure book five
ISBN#: (13) 9780758241382
May 2010
APHRODISIA, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00 USA / $16.95 CAN
304 Pages
Erotic Romance; Historical
Rating: 3 Cups

Blaize, Lord Minshom, has one scandal after another piled on top of him. He could care less what people think of him and in fact goes out of his way to make everyone despise and loathe him.

Jane knows her husband goes out of his way to torment anyone who tries to get close to him. After seven years of exile, she is back and determined to make him face her.

Blaize cannot believe she is back in his life after all these years and is determined to chase Jane back to the country. She is just as resolute to stay, at least until her plans are in place. Using all of his dastardly vices, Blaize brings his wife into his hedonistic world. Will he push his wife to the breaking point or can she save him from his self-destructive ways?

I have to say I had a hard time with this story, mainly because of how childish he acts throughout most of the novel. Many times I wanted to throttle the people that allowed themselves to be manipulated as well as mentally, verbally, and emotionally abused by such a deplorable man. But the storyline does get better as I read further and Blaize’s character makes some much needed changes in his demeanor towards others. Kate Pearce uses a very tantalizing and erotic world to tell the story of Blaize and Jane.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of m/m, voyeurism, m/m/m, BDSM, anal play, m/f/m, and anal sex.

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