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ISBN# 9781935817598/ 9781935817581
April 2011
Turquoise Morning Press
E Book/Print
112/156 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Chloe LaRoche went into Gyrations to relax and drown out her worries and stress. As an artist that has not been selling her work, she is close to losing her business. She loves to dance, but her plan is to stay at the bar and drink. When the hottest guy in the place encourages her onto the floor, she agrees.

Grayson Anders loves dancing. He owns the club, and he knows how to move his hips on and off the dance floor. Women flock to him when he steps out dancing and stare at him when he is at the bar. He has been with plenty of women, but is still looking for his perfect dance partner.

Chloe is surprised when Grayson approaches her, knowing how many other women are after him. She is not into one night stands, but decides to have some fun and spends the night with Grayson. The next morning, she leaves before he wakes thinking she would never see him again. Knowing he has met his perfect dance partner, Grayson tracks Chloe down intending to offer her a job…and possibly more. When he discovers the secret she did not tell him, he leaves angry and upset that he will have to keep looking for a partner.

Silent Partner is a great read! Initially, I did not like the way these two came together. Not because it was a one night stand, but the way it happened. Later in the story we learn the reasons why they came together that way, and it completed the story for me. Ms. Vincent’s characters are filled with emotion and a realness that had me disliking Grayson for a large part of the book. Later, I cheered him on as he tried to redeem himself and make himself worthy of Chloe. Chloe had me in tears. Her hurt and anger at the situation were real and wonderfully written. I know this book will keep you turning pages till the end.

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