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ISBN#: 978-1-936000-37-1
November 2009
Desert Breeze Publishing
100 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gillian Dupree was a trophy girlfriend with aspirations to be a trophy wife. She never fit in with Houston Society. She was a long way from the trailer in Chelsey, Mississippi, but now it looks like she will be heading back there.

Jack Preston grew up poor and worked very hard to become the success he is. Maybe too hard, if the ex-wife who disappeared when his daughter was a baby, can waltz in and kidnap her.

After catching her lover with a trashy woman, and shooting him (accidentally) in the butt, Gillian is on her way back home in a vintage pink Corvette. Everything she owns is in the trunk. Along the way, she picks up a stranded woman and her young daughter. She ends up stranded herself when they steal her car. The woman has kidnapped her daughter and the child’s father is desperately searching for them. Gillian and Jack make an unusual team, but an effective one in search of little Hope.

This is an entertaining and fast moving story. I loved Gillian’s character and how she used what she had to rise above her past and her determination to succeed despite what life throws at her. She is a bit flamboyant, but colorful works for her. Jack is her opposite and not as easy to like. I really hated the way he put Gillian down all the time and it took me a long time to warm up to him. His distress at his daughter’s kidnapping was no excuse for his behavior. Their adventures during the search really held my attention, and the bittersweet ending is very well written.

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