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ISBN: 0744316588
August 2009
155 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Kay Newman owns half of Redbird Realty. She has bubbly and outgoing, but sometimes has flighty personality.

Detective Phil Timmons is part of a special task force that is looking into a serial rapist nicknamed the Realty Rapist. After four women were attacked and raped he is ready for a lead in the case.

After a night of too many margaritas, Kay finds herself flashing her bra in the streets, which leads to an obscene phone call. Scared, she contacts police and Detective Timmons and his partner interview her. When a second call is placed at her work followed by escalating problems, the cops begin to suspect it may be the Realty Rapist after her. Will Timmons and his partner be able to solve the crime before Kay becomes the fifth victim?

Show Me is a story with some good qualities. The mystery surrounding who the rapist is points to several suspects which lead the reader in many different directions as to who did it. This adds an air of suspense that gives you an edge of your seat feeling. I found that there were times when too much was given for mundane and unnecessary information for everyday living experiences. Overall, this is not a bad novel and I did enjoy reading it.

Caution: This tale contains rape scenes without going into the actual penetrating details as well as physical and violent assault that lead up to the rape scene.

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