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ISBN# 9781419939235
21 September 2012
Ellora’s Cave
103 Pages
Western BDSM
Rating: 3 Cups

The day Jack Duval finds out he is the bastard son of Four Caden he feels betrayed, not only by Caden himself, but by his mother as well.

Running a ranch the size of Laughing Wolf is a labor of love for Liz Wolfe, even though there are times when she dreams of having someone to lean on.

Liz’s subtle beauty and no nonsense attitude are nothing like the sparkle and flash Jack usually goes for, so it stuns him senseless when he realizes how much he wants to be her Master. From the very beginning, Liz knows she wants Jack any way she can have him, although she never guesses how hard and fast she will fall. She would love to forget the outside world and just be with Jack, but dead ranch hands and stolen cattle make it impossible. Jack vows to help Liz get to the truth, starting with some confessions of his own.

So much rides on Liz’s shoulders it is no wonder she wants to let loose and allow someone else to take the reins. Jack is all too willing to step into that roll, and in my opinion Liz allows it with little or no resistance. I also feel that their progression from mere acquaintances to a deeply involved Master/slave relationship is lightening quick. Liz and Jack make an amazing couple, however, and their desire for each other is etched into every moment they spend together.

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