Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781451678673
4 December 2012
Gallery Books
Hard Cover
328 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Foster care, pregnant at eighteen and now a single mom, Samantha Jones knows exactly how hard life’s lessons can be. She works nights in East St. Louis, driving a rundown tow truck to bring in repossessed cars, just making enough for her and Tyler to survive.

To Danny Panterro, it seems that his undercover job is only going to end one way–very badly. Beaten up and shot, he has only moments left before his life as Rick Marco, FBI agent turned criminal, is over–permanently.

Growing up as she has Sam is well acquainted with the seedier side of the city and is pretty confident in her ability to handle almost anything. She cannot be more wrong. When she lands in the crossfire between a drug cartel and the FBI, all Sam can think of is grabbing Tyler and running as fast and as far as she can. Danny, however, has no choice but to keep Sam and Tyler close, knowing that nothing about this job is on the up and up. Sam is furious that Marco’s criminal dealings have put her and Tyler in danger, yet what she hates most is that not only her body, but also her heart wants him more with every breath.

High octane action and off the charts fear keep Danny and Sam in a state of near constant tension. Sam’s first impulse is to lash out, showing that her inner belligerent teenager is still close to the surface, yet her instincts as a mother are right on target. She and Danny may think they are in a no win situation, but with a child’s intuition, Tyler has no trouble knowing who the bad guys are. As the fear winds tighter so does the force of attraction between Sam and Danny, leading you on a read you will not soon forget.

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