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ISBN: 9781781849583
January 2014
Totally Bound
70 Pages
Gay, Ménage, Multi-Partners
Rating: 3 Cups

Completely destroyed by his husband’s infidelity, Dragan can barely think beyond today, let alone any future between them.

With absolutely no way of taking back the pain he has caused, Marek can only hope that his plans for this trip will help heal the wounds.

Telling Marek he is getting a second chance is a lot easier for Dragan to say than actually do, although he is willing to give it a try. The serenity and beauty of the Greek islands is their destination, but relaxed is the last thing Dragan is feeling. Shock, anger, and arousal pulse through his body, especially knowing that whatever he chooses will change everything.

Whatever Marek’s real motives are for his little “gift” to Dragan, in my opinion, it smacks of total selfishness. There is really no comparison to his lying and cheating, and what happens between Dragan and the men on the boat. I believe Dragan’s feelings of sadness and betrayal are the only realistic and honest emotions in this story. He is the true north in a relationship that is bound to swing wildly with Marek’s influence.

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