Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-936165-66-7
November 3, 2010
Purple Sword Publications
79 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance, M/F/M, Interracial
Rating: 3 Cups

She does not wear jealousy well, but Dali Bowman owns that she is envious of her best friend, Leesa. Leesa has what very few women will ever experience, and Dali can barely contain her desire for the same.

It has been too long since a woman has captured the combined interest of Rex Adkins and his best friend, Gage Hall. They have always held a unique bond with one another, and it will take one very special woman to make their union complete.

Nothing could be more embarrassing than opening your door to the sexiest guy she has seen in ages, while having the worst cold in history, but that is exactly what happens to Dali. Despite the haze of cold medicine and constant sneezing, Dali feels the heat of attraction for Rex run straight through her. The instant connection to Dali is unmistakable, and all Rex can think to do is get her to meet Gage as soon as possible. Gage's reaction is just as immediate, and they set about claiming Dali in every way possible, but having her accept them as a unit may come to a screeching halt when they reveal their most sacred secret.

Oh man times two, and what scrumptiously sexy men they are! But to top it all off, they are really good guys, and you will fall in lust with them just as easy as Dali does. My only lament: the story ends just as it really gets going, especially when it involves the men's hidden nature. Dali, Rex, and Gage are so charismatic, passionate, and delectable you will be begging for an encore.

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