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ISBN # (13) 978-1-57344-796-6 (print) (13) 978-1-57344-808-6 (e-book)
July 10, 2012
Cleis Press
232 Pages
Lesbian Paranormal Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

The Night Crow

A woman flies to London after having a series of erotic dreams about a past life.

While visiting the Tower of London, she discovers the soul of her long dead lover trapped in a Raven’s body.

The ageless raven of London’s most infamous landmark will fly no more after being freed from her curse.

Paisley Smith’s The Night Crow is a fascinating new twist on a well known historic sequence of events. The smooth transitions between present and past create a link that lasts through centuries.


During a deadly drought, a solitary peach farmer finds an injured bird and cares for it. When the morning comes, she discovers the bird is really a beautiful female shifter.

Sam has always been just a little out of step with the other locals in her tiny village.

Ciela has been trapped in the body of a Quetzal since the wise woman put a protective charm on her at the request of Ciela’s mother.

Anna Meadows new take on the nagual legends of Mesoamerica is beautifully done. The story is liberally laced with Spanish culture and language as lavish descriptions paint vivid portraits in the reader’s mind.

Nine Days and Seven Tears

A young woman finds herself at loose ends after completing her education. When she discovers a seal-shifter, she finds purpose in love.

Briony lacks purpose in her life once she’s finished her time at University. Taking long walks on the beach help quell her restlessness.

Freyja never intended to be blown off course while frolicking in the waves near her home in Iceland. Meeting Briony tempts her to try to repeat the mistake.

J.L. Merrow draws the reader to a rocky coastal village on the Isle of Wight in order to breathe new life into the selkie legend. There is a simple, yet powerful, connection between Briony and her selkie lover that speaks to every searching heart.

Sweetwater Pass

A family of shifters migrates west in a wagon train to find more room to run.

Though the other settlers are afraid of Indian attack, the family’s eldest daughter finds a soul mate instead of an enemy.

The Native American shifter girl stumbles upon far more than a wagon train while roaming her territory.

Angela Caperton spins a yarn about two cultures colliding on the plains. Her vivid descriptions of Western Migration provide an apt backdrop for her tale of young shifter love.

Scorched Retribution

After leaving her dragon lover in order to seek her fortune in the big city, a college student returns home to the love she should have never left behind.

Caity will have a difficult time proving that she deserves a second chance at love with her dragon lover.

Quinn never expected to see her young submissive return, but she will use all of her talents to make sure her love never walks away again.

Christine D’Abo gives the world of bondage a new twist when she paints a dragon as an immortal Dom. Fans of BDSM will love the integration of dragon scales, tail, and mythology into the submissive bond.

Thwarting the Spirits

Two unsuspecting lovers find themselves mortal enemies on opposite sides of an ancient curse. Determination and a dash of magic will be required to set their love free.

Purnima is a sleek cobra shifter full of confidence and cunning. She never expected to fall hard for her mortal enemy.

Hala is a mongoose shifter who faces not only her desire for her natural enemy, but her choice to love outside the confines of her religious principles as well.

Michael M. Jones use of animal instinct in this tale of a lovers’ war is a fresh take on the whole love to hate and hate to love angle. Readers will enjoy watching two young women fight the prejudices of their cultures for the chance to love where they wish.

She’s Furry Yiffy

Two shifters find love at an X-rated fur convention after they realize they were both turned against their will.

Maya’s desire to find a real shifter like herself lands her in the middle of a costumed convention like a wolf among sheep.

Anika thought she would have to be satisfied with the fake furries until she discovers a real shifter willing to play.

Adele Dubois’s story of animal angst delves into a furry world of both playful imitators and fierce practitioners while exploring the raw side of shapeshifter love.


It will take the cunning of all of this Tlingit shaman’s totem animals to win the heart of her true love.

Before she can take her place among her people, Shay must convince her lover to embrace her roots.

Tala has always known about her lover’s destiny to be a shaman. She just never expected to leave everything she knew behind to embrace the same fate.

Karis Walsh paints a picture of sweet longing between two very different women, one who knows her destiny and one who hides from it. The fierce Alaskan wilderness provides a dramatic backdrop for their reunion.


A jaded prostitute discovers love and redemption in the form of a mouse shifter protected by a wise woman’s charm.

Loralee is surprised to see that her new client is a female who cares more about pleasing Loralee than herself.

Bess is tired of watching the Johns come in and out of the house. None of them care how they treat a woman.

Giselle Rinard’s story of a jaded working girl is both heart rending and poignant. Her tiny savior’s cunning provides a twist that adds a playful element to the resolution.

Purrfect in Venezia

A human girl finds love at the Carnivale di Venezia, but hasn’t the courage to believe it will last. A year later she returns and finds she must convince her feline lover of her loyalty.

A year ago, Natalie did not have the courage to leave her life behind and take a chance on love.

Bella will have to know beyond doubt that Natalie is really willing to risk everything for their relationship.

Myla Jackson uses the romantic setting of Venice to spin her tale of erotic love between a shifter and a human. The catlike behavior of her characters makes them loveably mischievous.

The Dragon Descending

A young Chinese girl seeks revenge and is given wisdom and power after sharing an erotic night with a dragon shifter.

Girls are not supposed to inherit the sacred blades of their fathers. With vengeance in her heart, Seok-Teng takes up her father’s sword anyway.

When she sees the iron resolve in the young girl, a sacred dragon blesses her with gifts to see her vengeance done.

Sacchi Green steps into Chinese legends and dragon lore to deliver the tale of girl who steps into the shoes of a man and receives blessings from a dragon. The storyteller presentation allows the reader to glimpse the impetuous youth from the eyes of the wise lover she becomes.

All the Colors of the Sun

A young woman finds the girl of her dreams has washed up on the beach only to discover her new lover is a rare Phoenix shifter.

Cree feels woefully unworthy of the gorgeous woman she meets at the beach.

Lonely and searching, Ash cannot believe she has finally found someone who can accept her true nature.

Victoria Oldham’s story of two free spirited women from different worlds touches the desire we all harbor to step outside our own sphere and discover something amazing.

The Handler

A young werewolf is protected by a sexy handler who offers her solace and understanding as they discover love together.

When regular handler is injured in an attempt on her life, Allegra is assigned a new protector.

Olivia’s job is to protect Allegra. Sharing unimaginable pleasure with her is only an added bonus.

Tahira Iqbal’s wolf story is fraught with drama and fast paced action, but tempered by the arousal and need of a developing female werewolf. When she discovers an unexpected passionate link with her new handler, her life will never be the same.

Bound with Bronze

Two ancient spirits, one bound to a sacred grove, the other to a greedy master, find love in the jungle.

Aryani’s master has ordered her to destroy a tree in the sacred grove. Bound to do his bidding, she cannot resist.

When a servant of a greedy man comes to her grove, Zaleha begins to feel empathy, and then love for one who should be her enemy.

Chris Koujou steps into ancient spirit mythology and touches upon the jin and other legends of the forest. The rich natural world lends a sense of purity to the lovers bound by duty to opposite fates.


When a curious witch’s apprentice is turned into a cat and left on the shelf, it will take the care of a persistent picker to end her punishment.

Mallory only bought the cat doll to make the creepy crones running the estate sale happy. She would have done anything to leave the odd trio behind.

Katya has longed for an end to her punishment. She just never thought it would come complete with her own toy to play with.

Delilah Devlin spins a witchy tale of kitty love at first sight. With unusual characters, the story ends with a splash of magic.

Belling the Kat

Two women discover an irresistible attraction to each other while acting as bridesmaids for their friend.

When Kat is turned into a shifter, she fears she will never have a normal relationship again.

Belle has been there for Kat no matter what. Now she will have to convince her friend that there can be more.

J.L. Merrow’s adapts a new take on the friends-as-lovers theme. Not even a set of whiskers and a tail detracts from the attraction her two heroines discover for each other.

She Shifters is an interesting crash course in legends and fables from all over the world. The diverse cultural views of the authors lend an element of whimsy to this book full of strong, independent women. In every case, the animal sides of the characters blend seamlessly with not only their personalities, but with their place in mythology.

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