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Hiding Hounds 1
ISBN: 1610342615
February 2011
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
116 Pages
LGBT; Erotic Romance; Paranormal; Shape-shifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Toby Walker knows his pack of shape-shifters are in desperate need due to the sickness ravaging the pack. He leaves in search of help but never expects to find his mate along the way.

Sheriff Randall Markins is minding his own business when a puppy pees on his leg. When he realizes the cute beagle is sick, he takes it to the vet and later is shocked when the cute puppy turns into a gorgeous man.

Toby is stunned to learn the legend of finding their mate may not be so much a myth as truth. Randall knows that Toby needs his help or his pack may die out completely. Can Toby convince the sexy sheriff to help him? Will Randall come to grips with the fact that the puppy that peed on his leg is none other than a shape-shifter claiming what is rightfully his?

When I read the blurb for Sheriff Found, I was not sure what to think about a sexy tale whose main character was a puppy. Then an amazing thing happened. Once Ms. Flynn’s tale began to unfold before my eyes, I stopped thinking about the puppy issue and instead enjoyed this tantalizing tale full of passion, danger, and love. It was an already amazing book that I was thoroughly enjoying, but to make it more incredible, the author uses circumstances and obstacles that allow us to see the emotional boundaries these two characters have to overcome. I cannot wait to see where this series goes from here. I am anticipating a series that will continue to blow my mind.

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