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ISBN#: 9781936356027
June 2010
Placida Publishing, LLC
258 Pages
M/M, GLBT, Erotic Romance, Erotica, Contemporary, Thriller, Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

Liam has loved Milo since he was six years old. He knew from their first meeting that there would never be another man for him.

Milo has felt responsible for Liam since he was six; doing everything he can to ensure Liam’s happiness. Milo is blind-sided by Liam’s feelings for him. Bound by a promise to a dying woman, Milo must resist Liam and give him time to experience life.

Unaware of Liam’s feelings, Milo does his best to uphold the promise he made to keep Liam safe even if it means safe from Milo himself. Unaware of an interested stalker waiting in the wings to destroy Liam no matter what it takes, Milo pushes Liam away due to a misunderstanding perpetrated by a jealous man. It is only the revelation of the man standing in the shadows that will bring together the Shattered Glass, but it just may be too late.

Shattered Glass is a thrilling read. It takes the reader on a roller coaster ride that spans the childhood through the amazing transition from boy to man. AC Katt draws emotion from the most hardened heart by bringing the reader to the stage of enlightenment only to toss the revelations back into a pool of confusion. Just a warning to readers: just when they think they have a grasp on the storyline, the author will take them off on another wild path. Shattered Glass is a romance built from the flames of young love that will be tested by outside forces and leave the reader spellbound for the ending as well as the journey.

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