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ISBN# 9781897521892
March 2011
XoXo Publishing
E Book
135 Pages
Rating: 1 Cup

Bridgette Rourke is working a stable, dead end job and still living at home with her family. She has dreams of starting her own business and finding someone to share her life with, but a past filled with pain makes it hard to find the confidence and trust to follow her dreams.

Dr. Grey McNamara is visiting Dove Island while attending a conference. When he meets Bridgette, he knows he wants to get to know her better. He pursues her even though she is reluctant to spend any time with him.

When Bridgette and Grey meet, they are both impressed by the other. Grey asks her out, but Bridgette finds it hard to open her heart up and give him a chance. After she realizes she needs to move on with her life, she agrees to a first date. They like each other a lot, but face many obstacles in their relationship. So many obstacles put unnecessary strain on a new couple, especially one with hearts that are learning to trust again.

Shamrock Kisses was a very difficult book for me to finish. This book is filled with many wordy passages that have little or nothing to do with the story and a lot of repetition of unnecessary information. I found the story structure and timing of events very confusing. There were many character inconsistencies that made them all unbelievable to me. I liked the idea of the main character in the beginning, but as I continued reading, I could not see her as a heroine worth rooting for.

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