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Storm Walker Series

Book 1: Storm Walker
Book 2: Fire Walker

Storm Walker series, Book 3
ISBN# 9780425241820/9781101404454
May 4, 2011
Berkeley Sensation, a division of Penguin Group, Inc.
Mass Market Paperback/E Book
352 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Janet Begay is a half-Navajo woman who has a special ability. She is a Storm Walker, which means her magic feeds off the power of a storm. Combined with the power from Beneath, Janet could be a pretty wicked opponent, but she prefers to live a peaceful life in Magellan…or at least try to.

Mick is Janet’s bad-boy biker boyfriend, and he is a dragon to boot. Something has grabbed a hold of him and his dragon magic. The shadows that hold him hostage are threatening to make him do harm to those he holds dearest.

On an evening bike ride, a sink hole opens up just as Janet and the sheriff, Nash Jones, ride over it. Inside the hole, Janet feels the darkness reaching for her. Then, a hotel inspector shows up to try and put Janet out of business. The oddness does not stop there either. Mick begins to behave in a very weird way. When he turns on Janet, the woman he vows to love, everyone knows there is trouble afoot. Finding the witch with the power to enslave a dragon is the easy part. The problem is how to untangle Mick from her magical hold without taking his life in the process. The dragon council is fed up with Mick’s behavior, so it is up to Janet and her friends to keep Mick safe.

I felt a little lost as I began reading, since this is part of the Storm Walker series. I was a couple of chapters in before I felt comfortable enough with the characters to allow myself to be carried into the world of magic Allyson James has created. The characters are funny, sarcastic and tough. The relationship Janet has with each one of them is special. With so many characters, the story should go astray, but it does not. Each person brings a voice to the story that is as unique as they are. Whether it is the sexy sheriff, the Native American god, Janet’s grandmother or the Wiccan, these characters add depths of flavor to this book. As for this reviewer, I have already added the first two books in the series to my wishlist.

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