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ISBN #: 978-1-59578-641-8
December 2009
Liquid Silver Books
127 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lana Evans is a powerful witch, and her Grammy is on the Council. She lives in Philadelphia and cannot imagine why her friends would choose to have a bachelorette party out in the middle of nowhere. Her car is not the most reliable means of transportation.

Chris Beckett is a graphic designer, a wizard, and a werewolf. The members of his family were cursed by a witch long ago, and now they all turn into wolves. He has just cast a spell to find his mate.

When Lana breaks down on a lonely road far out in the country, somehow she is sure there is safety nearby. She is still sure of that even when an evil wizard accosts her with the intention of killing her. She is grateful to the wolf who saves her, but has no idea that he is not just a wolf. Wizards and witches do not get along as a rule, so the idea of them being mates is ludicrous, even if Chris does look really good without his clothes.

I really enjoyed this story. The plot is easy to follow but never boring, with entertaining and colorful characters and a lot of action. The love scenes between Chris and Lana are extremely hot, and the conflict between the two cultures only adds to the romantic tension between the two. Chris's brothers and Lana's Grammy were so interesting I wanted to read more about them. The next book in this series should be even better; Chris's brothers have so many more issues than he does. I love how she describes the differences between witches, wizards, and warlocks, and the three fold rule. The image of the witch who cursed the Beckett family living eternally as a big bunny really stuck with me.

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