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ISBN# 1450544517
May 2010
Eirelander Publishing
$ 5.99
199 Pages
Paranormal Romance/Vampire & Fae
Rating 3 cups

Alexandra has lived a diversified life as a half fae, half mortal woman. When she encounters a compelling man in the bar and senses that he is a vampire doomed to walk in the shadows, her logical side says run. Her body is shouting an entirely different message.

Krystoff has hunted his own kind if they have gone astray for too long. Darkness threatens to overwhelm him. When he finds himself drawn into a political arena that threatens to destroy all of mankind, can he turn to the woman that stirs his long-dead feeling soul and risk her to save them all?

To save the world from an endless night, they must protect each other and a sacred artifact. But how do you stop the darkness when its velvety threads are wrapping around you even while you sleep and you aren’t sure who to trust?

A stirring story, driven by machinations by both the fae and the vampire worlds. With werewolves and darker dimensions drawn in for added texture, Shades of Night wraps the reader in glittering darkness from the first word. The relationship between Krystoff and Alexandra was, at times, underdeveloped. However, their passion and comedy keep this story moving to a sizzling ending.

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