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ISBN#: 9780758234490
November 2009
Aphrodisia, a division of Kensington Publishing Corp.
Trade Paperback
$13.95 US/$16.95 CAN
352 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Collette and Camille Bentley are twin sisters. They run their dressmaking business together as well as live in the same house. Camille is married to Rutledge Bentley, who is Collette’s father-in-law. Collette is married to Heath Bentley, Rutledge’s only son.

Hadrian Swann appears at the Bentley sisters’ dress shop one day looking for a wedding dress for his fiancé. He would also like the sisters to make this mysterious woman a costume for a masquerade ball. Hadrian is tall, dark and mysterious, the exact type of man the twins’ psychic, Rubio Palladino, predicted would appear and begin to cause trouble.

Rubio Palladino predicts change is about to invade the Bentley household. Collette and Camille are hoping for changes within their marriages. Taking it upon themselves to produce the change, the sisters decide to switch husbands. Collette never dreams of being jealous of her sister. The night of the masquerade ball, Hadrian appears with a veiled lady and causes the girls’ curiosity to peak. At a séance, secrets are revealed which should have stayed locked away. Change is about to hit the Bentley household and none of the people within are prepared for what is about to occur.

I enjoyed this book with its many layers. The first layer is the sisters’ relationship with each other. The devilishness of these twins adds a humorous element to the tale. The next layer is their marital relationships. The erotic side of this story causes the imagination, as well as, the reader’s temperature, to spike. When the layer of secrets and mysteries is added, the telling of this tale gains depth. Ms. MacNeal’s flair for telling a story with such scandal kept my attention throughout. It is such a great mixture of deception, intrigue and hot sex.

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