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Destination Wedding Series

Book 1: Sex on the Beach
Book 2: Sex on the Slopes
Book 3: Heat Waves

ISBN: 978-0-425-23216-3
January 2010
The Berkley Publishing Group
341 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

War of the Sexes

Wedding planner Sarah McCann has the perfect job, organizing beautiful weddings in the most exotic locale on the planet.

Just like his name implies, Freeman Lafontaine is a free spirit. His photography takes him all over the world, and his carefree lifestyle means he can get up and go on a moment’s notice.

For Sarah, marriage is a sacred and beautiful bond between two people, but for Free it is a fate worse than death. His best friend Danny is about to succumb, and it is up to him to save his bud. Sarah may have a serious case of the hots for Free, but there is no way she is going to let him ruin Danny’s and Bella’s day, even if her heart and pheromones scream he is the one.

Is Free really looking out for his buddy, or could his subconscious be a bit jealous for something he will likely never experience? As for Sarah, I feel she demands all of the compromise on Free’s part, but very little of her own.

Sex with the Proper Stranger

Being a fashion model is only a means to an end for Tamiko Sato. Her career will make it possible to get her family out of debt once and for all.

The Toucan Resort is Ricardo Nuñez’s pride and joy, and allows him the freedom to spend time with the most important person in his life, his daughter.

With her career just taking off, Tamiko has never before enjoyed a real vacation, but thanks to her good friend Zane, she is now standing on a beautiful island in Belize. They have often used each other for cover at exclusive events, but this is the first time Tamiko wishes she were on her own. Ric never involves himself with guests or staff of the resort, especially ones who are already taken, but Tamiko makes him want to break every one of his rules.

This couple is all heart and soul, makes you want to believe that everything will work out for them.

Sexy Eyes

She has come a long way from the nineteen-year-old waitress in a coffee shop in Italy, but some things have not changed for Giovanna Moncrieff. She still finds her ex incredibly hot, and infuriatingly annoying.

The Baby Brit made his way in the academic world just like he envisioned, but James Moncrieff paid a very high price for his career. Thankfully his daughter never held that against him.

Thinking of her baby getting married brings warmth to Giovanna’s heart, but thoughts of her ex has other body parts much more hot and bothered. They were fire and ice as a young couple, and could not overcome their differences, but with maturity maybe there is a chance. James has never loved any other woman since Giovanna, and all it takes is one look in those sexy sultry eyes, and he is helpless to resist.

That special something that attracts you to another person does not always mean you can make a relationship work, but for Giovanna and James maybe second chances will. I love their maturity, and the way they come together for their daughter makes them even more attractive.

If you have never had “Sex on the Beach,” here is the perfect opportunity. Be it the drink, the act, or the book you are sure to be satisfied. Have fun, enjoy, and if you must, try to be responsible. It is well worth the experience.

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