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ISBN#: (10)0-373-61817-0/(13)978-0-373-61817-0
August 2009
Silhouette Nocturne (HQN)
288 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Joe Ryan is very protective when it comes to the Arizona Mountains. As a cougar shape-shifter, he is innocent of his former partner’s death and hopes to find some evidence to prove it.

Lyn Maines has a job to do. As a shape-shifter, it is her duty to get rid of dishonesty. She is aware of Joe Ryan’s shady reputation and believes he could be a turncoat. It is time for her to gather the facts.

While Joe may be settling in taking care of the mountains, and the residents of Arizona, he knows the Sentinels believe he is guilty of his partner’s death. He does not like the idea that they believe he has turned dishonest, or the fact he could be a suspect. Lyn has been sent to the area to do some investigation on Joe. Once she discovers the truth on him, she can show how crooked he really is. Lyn never considered the man might be innocent in the whole matter. Could the claims about him be wrong? During her research, neither expected a bond to draw them together. Can Lyn follow her instincts and clear Joe of the accusations or is he out to use her?

Sentinels: Lion Heart weaves some mystery and vibrant characters. Lyn and Joe are strong in their ambitious ways. The passion between them is beautifully woven as they are slowly drawn together. Doranna Durgin creates a magical journey for Lyn and Joe. She makes sure to paint the characters in a way the reader can readily identify with all the situations they are dealt. I know Lyn and Joe are both shape-shifters but they show a good deal of emotions. This series is indeed well worth the read as it blends in mystery, suspense, and a well-crafted plot that draws the reader in like a magnet.

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