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ISBN: 9781936305032-Print/ 1936305038-eBook
February 2010
Omnific Publishing
EBook/ Print
$15.99-Print/ $4.99-eBook
372 Pages
Paranormal Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Lillian Hunter has always felt as if there was something not quite right with her life. As if there was a part of her that was missing.

William Maddox is a vampire but one that is unique among his own kind. While most of his brethren are monstrosities with voracious appetites, he still has his soul intact and works undercover for the Sentients.

When Lilly finds herself leaving her home town and going to Atlanta to meet others who have unique powers like hers, she is both excited and nervous. When she begins to develop feelings for William, Lilly tries to push them away considering things she has been told about vampires. But there is no denying destiny and soon both are consumed by their passion. With danger around every corner and jealousy rampant within the Sentient house, can Lilly and William’s love survive, or are they destined to lose what they have only just acquired?

Seers of Light is a novel with some touching and monumental scenes within the pages. I thought adding the aggressiveness between two of the characters was a great plan and added to Ms. DeLucy’s storyline. The way Lilly fought so hard against the pull she felt for William, only to later fight to keep their relationship alive was a great contrast. The way the story ends leaves me to believe that we will see another tale of the Sentients in the future. I hope I will get a chance to see where these characters go from here.

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