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ISBN: unavailable
February 14, 2010
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
36 Pages
Fantasy / Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

She is a Seer, and while people get angry and upset over her predictions, Vira refuses to ever lie to her customers or herself.

Ten years ago, Bravian left the carnival and Vira behind to fulfill his destiny. He may not be a magical being, but he knew he was meant to be more than just the average man.

Seeing one’s own demise is disconcerting to say the least, but Vira cannot help but anxiously await the day she will see Bravian one more time. He will forever be linked to her heart, and she longs to be near him after so many years apart. Bravian’s quest scares Vira almost more than the threat of her own death, but for him, she will do anything. It takes the two of them to complete the job, and when it is done, fate will have its way.

This is a blend of old and new, fantasy and reality. Vira’s character is an old-fashioned fortune-teller complete with a crystal ball and flowing skirts, but it is her kindness and honesty that imbues her with life. Bravian is much more of a mystery, and you really do not get a feel for what kind of man lies beneath his benevolence. Their story entices you with glimpses of fantasy creatures and magical powers, and I would love to see it continue and blossom.

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