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ISBN# 9781573448192
31 October 2012
Cleis Press
Trade Paperback
207 Pages
Erotica Fiction Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups


Weeks of planning are over for Devon. This is the night he will experience something far beyond that of mere men.

Dreams are where Jera derives most of her satisfaction in this modern world, but not tonight.

The moment she comes into being, Devon knows he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Still, his excitement only intensifies. Jera intends to show this boy exactly who and what she is, and he is going to love every excruciating minute.

Devon is playing with fire, and the burn he gets hurts so good.

A Surprising Summons

As she makes her way into the mortal world, Loreline is pleasantly stunned to see the man before her.

He may be lonely, but Konstantin is anything except stupid.

Loreline cannot remember the last time it has felt so good. In the years ahead, she will meet this lover again, although it is her who counts the years.

This story has a sweet melancholy feel that draws you to these two characters.

Succubus Inc.

She runs a very tight ship, yet Lucy is willing to accommodate the needs of her customers when necessary.

Somehow, Mr. Field has found himself seriously indebted and can see no way out.

Lucy hears Mr. Field’s pleas for an extension on his payments, but she has other ideas on how he can repay his debt.

Lucy leads Mr. Field like a lamb to slaughter and does it with the ease of a professional.

In the Service of Hell

There are times when Alice truly enjoys her work.

A very strict religious upbringing has left Rachel with the inability to express her true feelings.

It will take a delicate touch, although Alice is very confident that she can be exactly what Rachel needs.

Alice may have her own agenda, but what she does for Rachel makes it all worthwhile.

Before A Fall

It is a dangerous game he plays. Still, Aquila would not want it any other way.

The Queen of Lust has not earned her title. She has taken it.

One misspoken word could end his existence, which makes this time with Her Majesty so exquisitely passionate.

The edge of danger is razor sharp for Aquila, but it unleashes the sexual tension to blazing heights.

Street Hustle

After watching and waiting, Bern makes his choice.

Lucy knows how to play the game, reeling in the man she wants inch by inch.

Money is of little consequence for a man like Bern, so he expects to get what he pays for. Lucy intends to do just that.

The higher the stakes, the more exciting the game, unless you are the one being played.


Romeo cannot seem to catch a break, even when it comes to suicide.

When she makes the deal, Juliet thinks they would be together forever. But nothing is ever as it seems.

Their love never seems to be enough to overcome the obstacles, and this one is huge. Romeo a vampire, Juliet a succubus—both are immortal, but neither can be what the other needs.

Never underestimate the power of love, especially when someone as savvy as Juliet is part of the mix.

Zach’s Last Ride

Like most adrenaline junkies, Zach is finding it harder and harder to get his fix.

She knows exactly what he is longing for and just how to give it to him.

Zach’s need for bigger, faster and more dangerous is becoming an obsession. So when she offers to blow his mind, he is unable to refuse.

Zach wants to fly, and it is scary to see how far he will go to get there.


Every step drives home how cold, hungry and lonely Christian is.

Her visitors are few, so Delphine must make the most of every one.

Despite the drafty disrepair of his old home, Christian is very thankful of its refuge. Delphine sees to her guest’s every need, so hopefully he will fulfill hers as well.

The haunting quality of this story is as sweet as it is spooky.

Minions Have Needs Too

Treading with the utmost care, Syllabelle relays the hunt to her master.

Every quiver in her voice unleashes Theodictus’s desire to dominate her even more.

Very few have Syllabelle’s gift, but she must play it perfectly if she wants to survive. Theodictus thrives on Syllabelle’s tribute, which is exactly what she is hoping for.

Control is a tenuous thing. The delicacy with which Syllabelle yields hers is a thing of beauty.

Sweet Tooth

After much encouragement from her friends, Shelly puts her non-existent baking skills to the test.

Visiting Shelly in her dreams, each encounter makes her want more.

The baking seems to be encouraging the mystery woman in Shelly’s dreams. Whether she likes to bake or not, Shelly is not about to give up the best nights she has ever had.

Making the world a sweeter place has just gotten a whole lot more interesting.

The Girl on the Egyptian Escalator

Like watching a train wreck, Spencer cannot help but stare at her.

Having men under her control is as easy for Sekhmet as breathing.

Needing to see the woman again, Spencer finally tracks her down. He has never known anything as powerful as this attraction, and it is beginning to scare him.

Too much of a good thing leads this man to all sorts of trouble.

The Sorcerer’s Catch

He is studying pay-offs for Adam as he now has her right where he wants her.

Anastasia is as surprised by the young man’s summons as she is excited.

Adam will have her forever if he works well. His skills are better than she expects, although he still has ways to be as good as she knows he can be.

A young man’s bold move lends an air of danger and excitement to this story.

The Chapel

The funeral has been particularly hard for Father William Frazier, but the night is not over yet.

She comes to him like she has done with his predecessor.

Despite his faith, William is unable to resist. She is a siren, calling to something deep inside him that is as terrifying as it is exhilarating.

Temptation can be exquisite in its torture.

The Lonely Huntress

The dreams are making Althea restless, making her want in a way she has not for a very long time.

She is exactly what Lugh has been looking for.

The feelings Lugh evokes in Althea leave her begging for more. He is everything she wants, yet something else entirely.

Sensuality and seduction pour from these characters through every word and action.

Neither Love nor Money

It is killing Max to see her this way, and he knows it cannot last.

Keeping him safe is the only thing that concerns Bernadetta.

Max knows what Detta needs. Still, she refuses his help. He will not stand by a minute more and watch her suffer. It is up to him to make the move.

This may be what it means to love someone to death.


At first, Hayden assumes it is a wrong number. Now he is not so sure.

Once she finds the one she wants, it is only a matter of time.

The texts get more and more explicit, and Hayden cannot help but respond. Hook, line and sinker—he is caught.

The right bait is all it takes to reel this man in.


Eternity can get awfully lonely, especially when Victoria refuses to pass it along.

She is so beautiful Brad just has to meet her.

His youth and boldness are refreshing, just what Victoria needs for the night. What she does not count on is his kindness and caring.

It is easy to like a story where the heartfelt feelings are as fantastic as the passion.

Moon Like A Sickle, Wind Like A Knife

After the breakup, Jane is very cautious about letting herself feel.

Wanting her, Alison is tired of waiting.

Allowing Alison in goes against Jane’s better judgment, but she never imagines how cathartic it will be.

When she opens the door, Jane welcomes in a whole new world of possibilities.

Phone Hex

The job of a succubus is getting harder and harder for Anixana and her sisters.

Seeing a problem, Ruby finds a modern day solution.

Skeptical at first, the girls decide at least to try Ruby’s idea. The results are better than any of them could have hoped for.

Also immortals need to stay current with the times, as seen in this fun and sexy read.


As a photojournalist, it is easy for her to have access to soldiers as well as civilians.

Their unit is in very hostile territory, so concentration is the key to getting out alive.

The bomb that goes off severely wounds her driver, but she is so hungry it is going to be hard to keep him alive. She has one choice—to borrow energy from Ellis and Mac.

Fighting to stay alive only heightens the sexual power radiating from these characters.

Love and affection have little to do in the eternal life of a succubus. As seen in these stories, it is more often than not about pure need. The exchange of sexual energy between these characters, however, is tantalizing all on its own. The few stories here that do bring real emotions into the mix are in my opinion the most intriguing and enjoyable. Each author has a particular spin on this theme, so there is certainly something for every taste.

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