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The Highland Warriors
Book 1: Sins of a Highland Devil
Book 2: Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel
Book 3: Seduction of a Highland Warrior

The Highland Warriors Book 3
ISBN# 978-0-446-56179-2
January 29, 2013
Forever Books
432 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Alasdair MacDonald has sworn to his king to keep the peace in the Glen of Many Legends; a promise he intends to keep no matter the cost. For most of his life the land has been his mistress. No woman can tempt the Highlander for more than a moment, until the sister of his most reviled enemy sneaks beneath his defenses and snares him good.

The ladies of the Glen of Many Legends are through waiting for their men to wake up and quit bickering amongst themselves. Lady Marjory Mackintosh is the last of the three who swore an oath to solve their clan differences by marriage instead of war. If only Alastair were not an oaf of a man who could not tell a woman’s interest if she were to beat him about the head with it. Marjory must step beyond what she knows and tempt the MacDonald with the only thing she has at her disposal.

As Marjory stakes her claim to the Highland leader she has loved for so long, another threat enters the Glen. This man will not stop until he has not only Alastair’s honor, but also his land and his woman. It will take a miracle for the men of the Glen to temper their anger and focus on their common enemy. Should they fail, the price may strip them all.

The third in a series, this story can also be read as a stand alone without any trouble. It is laced through with bits of history that make the Glen of Many Legends and its vivid history come alive. Though the characters’ use of Scots vernacular is a flavorful addition to the historical element, it is cumbersome to read at times and can pull you right out of the story. All in all this will be a welcome addition to any Highlander collection.

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