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Great Wolves of Passion

Book 1: Seducing Their Mate
Book 2: The Alpha’s Fall
Alaska 3: Convincing Ethan
Alaska 4: Shane’s Need
Alaska 5: Rand's Cravings
Alaska 6: Jason’s Salvation

Great Wolves of Passion Alaska 1
ISBN #1-61034-022-1
February 2011
Siren Books
83 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Eve McMillian is a veterinarian and scientist. Her specialty is wolves. She is from a controlling and cold family and is happy to be away from them.

The six Dillon cousins are all alpha wolves, with Noah the eldest and most dominant among them. They are very different from each other in personality, but are all very handsome and fascinating.

Eve feels very much at home in Alaska and the Dillon cousins are a big part of that. She is strangely attracted to all six, but since she is only on assignment for a few months, she does not worry too much about it. The Dillon cousins are very serious about their attraction for Eve since she is their mate; even though she is unaware of that or that they are all werewolves. Mating will have to wait; wolves are being attacked on the Dillons’ land and they have to catch the culprits before one of them is hurt.

Though this is a good introduction to what I am sure will be a good series, I felt a little let down at the end. The author did little more than introduce the characters and the situation, and have everyone end up in bed with Eve in one configuration of another. The sex scenes are very intense and well written and there is a suspenseful cliffhanger at the end, but would have liked a little more story and a bit more detail on the Dillons. The series looks promising though and I will be looking for more.

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