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ISBN: 9780451229823
May 2010
Signet Eclipse, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
$14.00-USA/ $17.50-CAN
303 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Seducing Ian

Lady Leanna Arlington is thrilled when she is kidnapped before her marriage can take place.

Lord Ian McCray is furious when he finds out his uncle is being held in jail after being accused of a crime by an evil baron.

Kidnapping Leanna and using her as a bargaining chip against the baron seemed like the perfect solution. But Ian did not expect to find himself so intrigued with the woman, especially after Leanna made a bargain of her own. As their passions mount, the baron gets ready to strike against them. Can Ian defeat him and what will happen to Leanna once the fighting is over?

I love the way Leanna turns it around so she can thwart the baron as well. Ms. Wildes uses passion, adventure, intrigue, and revenge to write this tale. Ian shows not only the strength that is needed to lead men but a kindness when dealing with Leanna. I thought this was a great story.

Seducing Robbie

Julia Cameron needs someone to help her, someone who she can trust to do what she needs done.

Robbie McCray is stunned when little Julia comes calling, especially when he realizes she has grown into a beautiful and desirable woman.

Knowing the man who murdered her father is bad enough, but having loved and trusted her previous intended made the betrayal all the worse for Julia. She convinces Robbie to marry her to spoil any plans that her intended may have for claiming what is rightfully hers. But she never expected to have her heart involved in the relationship and she certainly never expected to want him as much as she does. Once the murderer is put to justice, can Julia convince Robbie that what they have is more than just a marriage bargain?

This is another great read by Ms. Wildes. I love how Julia knows who the best candidate for what she needs is and goes full steam ahead to make sure her plans fall in place. Robbie is such a character himself with the way he jumps right in to find out what really happened to her father and who did murder him. Add in the passion and suspense and this is one story you will enjoy completely.

Seducing Adain

Adain Cameron is the type of man who cannot help but want to save damsels in distress.

When Lady Gillian Lorin is attacked by highwaymen, it leaves her feeling scared and helpless.

After saving Gillian, he finds himself in a quandary as her uncle’s passing leaves him with the issue of what to do with her. Because though she is engaged, once Adain finds out to whom he does not want any part in her future. Instead he convinces her to go with him to his home where they will figure out a different plan for her future. What will happen once Gillian and Adain realize the passion they feel for each other is so much more?

I could not imagine how alone Gillian must have felt being passed from one relative to the next and into the arms of a virtual stranger. Adain is a character who is the epitome of what strong, Scottish men are like. The passion, suspense, intrigue, adventure, and loving story that is intertwined within these pages was written with such heartfelt talent that we cannot help but appreciate Ms. Wildes work. This is another great tale by a talented author.

Seducing the Highlander combines three adventurous tales of love, suspense, passion, women who endure, and strong men. I love how each story has a hint of which character comes next, making it seem more like a trilogy than an anthology. Each tale has distinct differences within their own stories to make the reader enjoy each story for its own qualities even as we enjoy the book on a whole. Add the vicious villains and you cannot help but want to shout when love and goodness conquers all. Ms. Wildes knows passion and she knows how to write it in such a way to make the reader feel as if they have stepped through the pages into the story itself.

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