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The Three Worlds Series
Three Worlds Series
Book 1: Seduce Me in Dreams
Book 2: Seduce Me in Flames

A Three Worlds Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 9780345517685/ 9780345517715
August 2011
Ballantine Books, a division of Random House Inc.
Mass Market Paperback/ eBook
368 Pages
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

When she was four years old, Ambrea Vas Allay found herself exiled from her palace home after her mother, the favorite concubine of the Emperor, was tried and executed for treason. Twice she was brought before the Emperor due to rumors of treasonous acts and when no guilt could be found, she was thrown in the damp, cold prison cell for over a year. The last time it happened…she was thirteen.

The one thing Rush “Ender” Blakely hates more than wealthy snobs who act as if they are above him in everything, is when an innocent is subjected to bias and unfair opinions due to circumstances beyond their own doing. He knows what it is like to be judged as he is of Tarian descent and he has a secret that he has not allowed anyone to see since he was twenty-one years old.

Now that she is twenty-six, Ambrea is questioning why she is being brought before her father once again and she is stunned when she finds herself facing her half-brother and not her father. Thrown in the dank prison quarters once again, the rightful heir soon finds herself rescued by a towering Tarian warrior who will take on any obstacle to keep her safe. As Rush and Ambrea fight the web of lies and deceit that surround the palace courts, their attraction for each other ignites and they soon find themselves caught in a web of passion of their own making. Even as they try to keep their sexual relationship a secret, there are those looking for any weakness to take out the rightful heir and her lover permanently.

Reading a Jacquelyn Frank novel is like savoring a cup of hot chocolate on a cold wintery day; it warms your soul and soothes your every need. Seduce Me in Flames is such a compelling tale as it pits a warm blooded woman against a man that may burn hot on the outside but who has learned to shield his heart with ice. The characters found within these pages come alive under the author’s vivid telling and have the reader reacting with each emotional push and pull that the characters feel. You do not need to read the first novel in the Three Worlds Series but for those who have you will be happy to note that the characters from the first book have important roles in this novel as well. This book will have you burning hotter than a ten foot high bonfire.

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