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ISBN#: Unavailable
Solstice Publishing
150 Pages
Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Jenna’s Story

At the age of six, Jenna’s parents were killed in a tragic car accident. Even then, the young girl knew she was different as she foresaw that something horrible was going to happen.

Jenna’s grandmother vows to help her granddaughters any way she can and that includes helping Jenna develop her powers. Before all of her knowledge and magical wisdom can be passed down to her granddaughter, Jenna’s grandmother dies leaving the young witch alone with many unanswered questions.

Enter into the picture Jacob, Jenna’s protector. His family has been protecting Jenna’s family and helping to guide them any way they can.

Neither one of them expected to fall in love with each other. As Jenna begins to learn how much power she has and what she will need to use it for, Jacob is right there helping to steer her on the right path. Falling in love and learning all there is to learn about witchcraft is the easy part. The hard part is getting ready for the big war that is coming up.

I like the premise of this tale. Unfortunately I felt that the delivery fell short of what I was hoping for. There were many times within this story that details were told rather than shown. I also felt there were times the language that was used within the pages would have been more appropriate for a very young person, leaving me to feel as if I was being talked down to or too simple-minded to understand a more complex tale.

Jamie’s Story

Jamie loves her current boyfriend, Danny, with all of her heart. Unfortunately he happens to be a demon.

Drake is Jacob’s cousin and he is called in to help Jamie. It seems her demon boyfriend not only put a love spell on her but he bound her powers as well.

As Drake and Jamie try to figure out how to fight Danny’s spells, they grow closer to each other. As Drake and Jamie get to know one another, their fondness and attraction turns to love. Time is ticking away as Danny realizes that Jamie has figured out what he has done. Will Drake and Jamie be able to stop Danny before it is too late?

When I started reading Jamie’s story, I thought it was going to be about a demon and a witch and I found myself intrigued. Then as I read further and realized that Danny was not this good demon who Jamie fell in love with, my intrigue escalated. The rocky road that Drake and Jamie have to travel down to fight for their love as well as Jamie’s magic added depth to this magical tale. However, descriptive wording would have been helpful during this tale.

Jackie’s Story

Jackie knows she has a lot to live up to when it comes to being an Addison witch. When she is out defending New York City from some paranormal activity, she gets help from an unexpected being.

Ricky may be a vampire but he does not believe in harming humans. Seeing the beautiful Jackie in action has him all tied up in knots, and leaves him wishing he could claim her as his own.

As Jackie and Ricky get to know one another, their friendship blossoms into love. But Jackie is afraid to tell Jenna as she knows how much it hurt her sister Jamie when she was deceived by a demon. Before she can get the courage to tell Jenna about her feelings for a vampire, she is hurt. Now it is up to Ricky to tell one of the most powerful witches that her sister is not only hurt, but that she is in love with a vampire.

I thought the overall magnetism that Jackie and Ricky felt for each other was shown in such a way that I could feel their love for one another. The way the vampire had to confront Jenna about his relationship with Jackie was a nice addition to this tale. The fabric of this story was frayed in certain spots as it did not have as much pizzazz as other parts of this tale. Overall, it is not a bad story but I wish there could have been a little more detailing involved with the emotional responses.

Secrets of Snow Hollow is a novel that includes three different stories. It is about three sisters who must fight against evil to keep their town safe. Along the way they find betrayal, friendships, death, and love which helps them grow as characters. The language used by Ms. Stevens put me off as they were very short sentences that I would read to a very young child. Also, there were many times within the three tales that the action, emotional connections, and other plotlines were described in such a way that it felt almost mechanical versus the vivid portrayal I was looking for. This is not a horrible book but it is a novel that I will probably not read a second time.

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