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ISBN#: 0-7582-3853-3/978-0-7582-3853-5
February 2010
Kensington Publishing
320 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Emiline du Ronde-Barhydt has not seen her husband for over four years, nor does she care to see him again. She wishes to be free from him, and intends to prove she can easily thrive without him in her life.

Reinier Barhydt believes Emiline has exotic and unique beauty. Even if there is no love in their relationship it will be worth it to have her father’s money invested in his shipping company.

Emiline is tired of being married to a man who is never around and off doing anything his heart fancies. She knows all he wanted was her father’s money. Reinier is a sea-captain who refuses to give up his way of life, but the two must settle their differences. Good at making deals, he comes up with one she cannot refuse if she wishes to taste her freedom again. He only wishes time with her in complete mind-blowing, submissive ecstasy and he will allow her to leave. Unfortunately, neither Emiline nor Reinier counted the cost that it would bring to them once they submitted to each other. Can they part from each other once their hearts have been seared?

Talk about a huge heat wave, Secrets of Sin is totally sparking hot. Emiline and Reinier are pleasurable characters that know how to interact with the reader and bring out some sizzling hot chemistry once they find their blissful spot. I like the way the story develops and shows how Emiline has to learn to mature and begin handling things on her own once her husband is off at sea. Chloe Harris delectably spins an erotic romance with a captivating and alluring backdrop that grabs the reader instantly. I love how she creates chemistry between the two main players as this makes the story such an incredible joy to read.

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