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ISBN: unavailable
January 24, 2010
KLM Books (EB), Star Publish LLC (PB)
E-Book / Paperback
192 Pages
Romance / Contemporary / Cowboy
Rating: 3 Cups

The Double P Ranch has been in Jane Porter’s family for as long as she can remember, and all she has ever wanted was to become a rancher’s wife and continue the tradition. Her best friend and closest neighbor has always filled that role in her mind, but sometimes circumstances change everything.

Everyone always assumed Mike Farley would marry his childhood sweetheart, and if the truth be told, so did he. That is until he met a fiery haired vixen that literally turned him inside out.

Shock, anger, and a crushing sense of betrayal are all that Jane has left after Mike’s sudden change of heart. It was always Mike and Jane, ever since they were babies, and no one questioned that someday they would marry, and combine the Double F and Double P ranches into one huge spread. However no one, including Mike, knew that a whirlwind like Samantha Jo would waltz into town and turn Mike’s head so fast he would not know what hit him. Has the dream of Mike and Jane gone up in smoke, and how can Jane ever trust in him whether he sees the error of his ways or not?

This is probably one of the most down home countrified pieces of work I have ever read. Honestly I am a bit stunned that it is set up as a contemporary and not a historical western. In my opinion, the dialogue is so completely corn pone and hickish that it makes the storyline hard to embrace. The plot itself is interesting, and the setting is very attractive, but it is the characters’ mannerisms and speech that I feel really hold this story back.

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