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Searching For, Book 1
ISBN # 9781476744926
November 26, 2013
Gallery Books
385 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate Seymour has turned an interesting idea between girlfriends into a successful business with her matchmaking service, Kinnections. Of course, Kate has a leg up in the matching business with her peculiar sixth sense. Getting a zing from touching a couple meant to be together is part of the satisfaction of a job well done, until Kate gets the shock of her life from her firm's newest client.

Divorce attorney Slade Montgomery could care less about finding a match. He is out to expose Kinnections as a fraud and save his sister from buying into their nonsense. Love is nothing more than hormones versus dollar signs for Slade, until he meets Kate for the first time.

When chemistry clashes with logic, Slade and Kate are caught in the sensual crossfire. Slade is cool, sarcastic, and jaded; everything Kate should avoid like the plague. Too bad all six of her senses are convinced he is the guy who can make everything right in her world.

This quirky, not quite paranormal romance will make readers smile with its blend of irreverent humor and sarcastic wit. The attraction between Slade and Kate is hot, almost overshadowing the emotional aspects of their fire and ice relationship. All in all it will be interesting to see where this new series takes the sparkling cast of secondary characters.

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