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The Searching For Series
Book 1: Searching for Someday
Book 2: Searching for Perfect
Book 3: Searching for Beautiful

The Searching For Series, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781476744940
29 April 2014
Gallery Books
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $18.00 CAN
Rating: 4 Cups

At this point in his life Nate Dunkle is realizing that he wants more than his career. The only problem is that despite how brilliant he may be, he has no clue when it comes to women.

Although finding matches for her clients brings incredible joy to Kennedy Ashe, lately something is missing. She needs a special project, so when she sees the catastrophe that is Nate Dunkle, endless possibilities flood her mind.

Groaning in agony, Nate is seriously questioning his sanity by allowing Kennedy carte blanche with his make-over. What does become immediately clear is that his feelings for Ken are not going away, no matter how many dates she sets up for him. Never before has Ken gotten so involved with a client, but with Nate there are definite sparks. Now she has to figure out how to let him go so he can find someone worthy of his heart.

There is nothing better than to open a book and get a blast of humor right from the start. It sets a tone and makes you want to devour every page as fast as you can. I also love that despite Nate being a total mess on the outside, Ken does not try to change who he is at heart. Nate is truly one of the good guys, and when he turns that amazing intellect on Ken, she is lost.

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