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ISBN: 9781426890109
June 2010
Carina Press
321 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Susie Cooper lives on the Scottish coast. Trying to get away from her past as well as her famous mother, Susie now works at the Gatty Marine Lab.

Nick Archer has spent the last twelve years trying to nail the man he feels is responsible for his wife’s death. While most people feel his wife, Chrissie, died from a horrible accident, Nick knows that somehow Jake Sizemore is responsible.

The first time Susie spots Nick, she knows he is trouble looking like sex on a pair of muscular legs and a tight butt. Nick hones in on Susie and uses her to get what he needs, not realizing that by doing so he has made her a target for a killer. As the investigation surrounding a murdered student and coworker heats up, the passion between Susie and Nick flares as well. Can Nick figure out who killed Chrissie as well as the young girl before the criminal attacks the woman he has come to care for?

Sea of Suspicion is one heck of a book! The twists, turns, passion, and many colorful characters give Ms. Anderson’s novel a delightful edge. My only complaint is I knew who murdered the women halfway through the book. The way Nick struggles with his guilt and the utter despair he feels for the loss of his wife give this story a realistic feel and allows the reader to be swept away into this mysterious tale.

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