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ISBN- 1420104764/ 9781420104769
January 2010
Zebra, an imprint of Kensington Books Publishing
356 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Ada of Keyworth is an Englishwoman who was brought in to serve the Condesa de Valedrona. Once a scholar and a translator, Ada is an opium addict. With debts to powerful men in Toledo, Kingdom of Castile, her only choice is to allow herself to be sold at a slave auction to pay off her debts. Luckily, she has Jacob ben Asher as her friend.

Gavriel de Marqueda is the illegitimate son of Joaquin de Silva. He was raised to be a soldier for his father. In hiding from his father and his father’s soldiers, Gaviriel joins the Order of Santiago. He is a novice with one task left to prove himself worthy: buying a slave at the auction and be her spiritual guide.

Jacob ben Asher is at a loss when it comes to helping Ada fight her addiction. With his own duties to take care of, he places Ada in the care of the Order. In one month, he will retrieve Ada from the monastery, opium free. Gavriel is determined to break Ada’s addiction. Ada is determined to make Gavriel break each and every vow he has made. With the de Silva soldiers hunting Gavriel and searching for scrolls Ada has in her possession, their lives hang in the balance. Will either of these people succeed in their task?

At the beginning of this book, Ada seems like a spoiled brat who had been given her way a bit too often. She uses people to get what she wants and I do not agree with that. As the story went on, she became a woman of strength. It amazes me how much both Gavriel and Ada change as the tale progresses. Ms. Lofty knows how to get the reader’s attention and draw them into the story. I encourage you to pick up this book. It is a tale that is worth your time.

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