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Scorpion Series

Book 1: Scorpion
Book 2: Scorpion Betrayal
Book 3: Scorpion Winter
Book 4: Scorpion Deception

Scorpion Series, Book 4
ISBN# 978006221965
May 28, 2013
Harper Collins
416 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

A terrorist attack on the US Embassy in Switzerland results in the theft of classified documents. There are no witnesses and no clues, but the CIA is determined to call in the best damage control they have. Fortunately for them Scorpion’s personal information is at the top of the list.

Scorpion’s search for answers takes him on a wild goose around the world. Along the way he sinks deeper into the quagmire of misinformation in an endless game of cat and mouse. Even so, he must stay one step ahead of a hit squad determined to kill him.

As Scorpion works his way into the inner circle of Tehran, time is running short. Someone wants an excuse to bomb Iran and this is it. Before the end Scorpion will find the man they call “the Gardner” and put an end to his games.

This fast paced spy thriller is the third in Mr. Kaplan’s Scorpion series. The story seems a tad stale, but the delivery is sharp and detailed. Readers who enjoy Bourne style espionage will eat this one up.

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