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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-69525-6
February 2011
Harlequin Intrigue
217 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Marrying her high-school sweetheart, having his baby, and then opening Bachelor Moon Bed and Breakfast was everything Daniella Butler could have hoped for, and then Johnny disappeared. Raising their daughter and running a business on her own has been tough, but until recently, she has been too busy to realize just how lonely she has become.

The Prince of Darkness, the nickname might be funny if it was not so true, but Sam Connelly lost his sense of humor a long time ago. He profiles killers for the FBI, but the job is so intense it has started to take over his life, and according to his boss, he needs a break.

The peace and quiet of the B and B is almost unnerving for a man who has not seen a vacation in years, but Sam finds himself more at ease every day, and most of that can be attributed to Daniella and her daughter, Macy. They are a ray of sunshine in a lifetime of darkness, but Sam cannot let himself be pulled in, not even when a body shows up in Daniella’s yard. Years of mysterious little gifts, an anonymous phone call, and now a dead body have Daniella scrambling to make sense of who and why someone is after her, and she is more than grateful to have Sam nearby. She barely knows the man, but his power and his presence are everything she and Macy need to feel safe and secure, and it is killing her to think of him walking away.

Nothing pulls the heartstrings like a man who needs to be loved, and Sam’s soul is practically screaming for help. Macy is an absolutely delightful and spunky little girl who steals Sam’s heart with her cheeky little grin, and she has you laughing right along with him. But the real meat of this story lies in the strength and support Daniella and Sam show towards each other, and they do so with grace and sensuality. I always enjoy every page of Carla Cassidy’s work, and this is just one more to add to that list.

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