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Abandoned at the Altar
Book 1 - Wedding of the Season
Book 2 - Scandal of the Year

Abandoned At The Altar, Book 2
ISBN#: (13)9780061963162/(10)006196316X
January 25, 2011
Avon Books
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Her rebellious nature has gotten Julia into trouble more times than she can count, but marrying Lord Yardley turned out to be a punishment beyond compare. Years of begging, pleading, and running only served to heighten his vicious pleasure, so it took cunning and planning to get her freedom.

Waking up in the arms of a married woman goes against everything the Duke of Trathen, Aidan Thomas Carr stands for, and it galls him that he can barely remember how he even got there. The woman in question has plagued his thoughts since he was seventeen, but even back then he knew she was trouble.

Julia feels horrible about how she used Aidan, but she would do it all over again to be free of Yardley. Aidan is such an honorable man, it pains her to think she could have ruined his chances of finding a worthy wife, but even that thought makes her stomach twist. He is every woman’s dream, chivalrous, rich, and devastatingly handsome, but there is no way Julia will ever let herself get trapped by another man. Aidan, however, does not lay traps. He wages war, against her heart, her soul, and her mind, and when he goes after something he wants, he takes no prisoners.

Divorce seems so easy to come by now, but to imagine a time or place where the law supports abusive husbands is enough to make you shudder. Julia’s character is very spirited and strong willed, but you can feel her desperation in every action. On the flip side, Aidan is methodical and very composed, but put them together, and WOW! They compliment and contrast each other in so many ways there is never a dull moment.

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