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ISBN#: 978-1-59705-456-0/978-1-59705-989-3
August 2009
Wings ePress
248 Pages
Paranormal Vampire Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Summer is a middle-aged woman living a lie. Forced to marry a much older man when she was eighteen, in order to keep him from revealing a secret that could put her in jail for murder, Summer detests her husband Eric. The only thing that keeps her going is her love for rock legend Savion.

Savion is a famous rock star, but he is more than that. He is a blood dragon, a very special type of vampire, chosen by the spirit of a woman once scorned to find perfect love.

When Savion puts a few of his clothes up for auction hoping to find the woman of his dreams, he has high hopes, but also wonders if what he wants to find is even possible; a virginal woman that is close to his own age. Of course he has not reckoned on Summer, a middle-aged woman who also happens to be a virgin since her wealthy husband is impotent. Emotionally tortured and blackmailed for years by her husband Eric, Summer just wants to escape into the fantasy of wearing her favorite and most loved rock star’s clothes. It is not long after she orders them that she has a very erotic dream featuring Savion that feels so real, she is not sure it is not real. Then when Savion’s clothes arrive, she cannot wait to try them on, in doing so she allows Savion entrance into her home and her heart. When the death of her mother forces her to fly across country for the first time in her life, Savion arrives yet again, and Summer begins to realize he is not all that he seems. Deeply drawn to each other it is love at first sight for both of them. But how will they deal with her husband Eric, and one of Eric’s band members, Blaze who wants to steal Savion’s power, and Summer?

This is a very creative but fantastic vampire love story! You will not find any of the normal vampire myths at play, this is pure creativity on the part of the author, and I have to say that I loved it. The love between Summer and Savion is deeply emotional, and the author does a great job in getting that point across. There is also plenty of tension because you have the jilted bad guy husband, the nosy older sister, and then there is the horny brother-in-law and his friends, the band’s women, and let us not forget Blaze! All of these different factors keep this story moving along at a nice pace. The added bonus of the spirit of Nahtosha, and the story surrounding the dragon’s tooth just make this book even more fun to read. If the idea of reading a vampire story with a whole new mythology appeals to you, then I highly recommend, Savvy My Heart Love Bites!

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