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Wedding Fever Trilogy
Book 1 - Saved by the Bride
Book 2 - Picture Perfect Wedding

Wedding Fever Trilogy Book 1
ISBN#: 9781426895326
April 15, 2013
Carina Press
248 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Annika Jacobson is acting mayor of Whitetail, a small town that has been hit hard by the downward economy. They need jobs as of yesterday and Annika is determined to get those jobs no matter what it takes; even if she has to crash the engagement party of billionaire Sean Callahan's daughter to get those jobs, and even though her vision is slightly different than the rest of the local residents. Besides what does she have to lose since her fiancé and her art career are gone.

Finn Callahan is the son of Sean Callahan and is so against marriage and cannot believe his sister is getting married. He has a strained relationship with his parents since their nasty divorce. What bothers him more is he is stuck working this summer from his family's vacation home, a place he has not truly enjoyed since he was a young boy.

Finn and Annika's first meeting definitely draws fireworks, as Annika crashes his sister’s engagement party by entering through a window. Finn has her arrested, but when things get straightened out and he learns who she truly is, the sparks really begin to fly and their summer romance begins. However, things are changing; Finn and Annika’'s feelings for each other are running deep, Finn's parent’s broken relationship, his sister’s new marriage, and even his younger brother is changing. With all that coupled with the town's desire to make Whitetail a wedding town, just what will happen by the end of summer?

Finn and Annika are a sizzling and sexy couple, they have great chemistry even though they seem such opposites. Saved By The Bride is a great way to start the Wedding Fever Trilogy. You get to meet a whole host of quirky yet very real characters that all have issues but still move forward through life with a touch of romance. It is a fun and flirty read. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy as they are released.

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