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ISBN: Unavailable
January 2010/April 2010
Hearts on Fire Books/Solstice Publishing
76 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cecily Smith knows people sympathize and look at her with pity for the abuse she deals with on a daily basis. But save for one time when she almost died, no one else has bothered to step in until now.

Chief Tall Bear knows Yellow Fox meant well when he took the abused woman from the drunken man. His younger brother thinks that by seeing the beautiful redhead he will want her for his wife.

When Cecily realizes she is in an Indian Village, she somehow knows the sexy Indian means her no harm. He brings out feelings in her that have her aching all over. Tall Bear has decided that his brother is right and he will marry her, he just has to convince her of that. But will these two passionate souls have a chance at love or will danger come calling before they can declare how they feel?

Savage Rescue will have the reader feeling Cecily’s despair, hopelessness, and joy as she journeys from her father and into the arms of Tall Bear. Ms. Bush shows us with her imaginative words how ruthless, cunning, vile, and loathsome Jessup Smith is. You can practically feel the anger, passion, sadness, love, and adventure pouring from the pages as the story continued. This is a great book to read and I enjoyed every page.

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