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Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat Series
Book 1: Salad on the Side
Book 2: Tofurkey and Yams
Book 3: Veggie Burgers to Go
Book 4: Hummus on Rye
Book 5: Try the Tofu

ISBN#: 9781608203543/9781608203550
June 2011
MLR Press
232 Pages
Paranormal, M/M
Rating: 4 Cups

The move to Boston has meant work and lots of it for Kyle Slidell, and very little time for anything else. He has barely got to know any of his neighbors, but one in particular has really peaked his interest.

As the alpha of his pack, Tobias must always be in complete control and have absolute power. It is seen as a weakness to love, and even more so to love another man.

Haunted by the death of the one man he ever had real feelings for, Tobias tries in vain to keep his distance from Kyle, but it is to no avail. The pull of attraction goes much deeper than the physical, and he knows in his heart that Kyle will be the one. Kyle has no idea what his neighbors are, but one night changes everything. Tobias and Kyle have an unshakeable bond, but is it worth the safety and security of an entire pack?

This story has a plotline so well done and thought out that the paranormal aspect feels much more real than you would otherwise expect. I really enjoyed how Tobias and Kyle are both very strong personalities, and yet they comfortably rely on each other when needed. It is easy to understand Kyle’s desire to take small steps in their relationship, but together they feel like the perfect unit. I would love very much to see them again, because there seems to be few loose strands that only these two beautifully sexy men can tie up.

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