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Safeword Series

Book 1: Rainbow
Book 2: Storm Clouds
Book 3: Matte

Safeword Series, Book 3
ISBN: 9781609826284
March 2, 2012
eXcessica Publishing
66 Pages
BDSM, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Working as a divorce attorney has not turned Samantha off on relationships, but it has made her very conscious of what she is and is not looking for.

Intimidation is something Ethan does very well in the ring, and with his size it is not hard to accomplish. His natural instincts to control and command follow through in his private life as well, and he loves a woman who craves what he is all too willing to give.

The men in her dojo are great guys, but Sam has a kinky side that no one in her circle of friends will ever know about. Meeting Ethan at the fights is a disappointment, but when Sam also encounters him at a play party her heart rate soars. Ethan had agreed to back off when he thought Sam did not date fighters, but now that he knows her true needs nothing will hold him back. He has an inner sadist that would have most women running the other direction, but Sam is not most women.

If you have any qualms about serious beatings and bondage this may be a bit of a shock, but I suggest you keep an open mind and sit back and enjoy the show. Sam and Ethan are flip sides of the same coin, and what she wants he is perfectly capable of providing. I can only imagine the tremendous amount of trust it must take to go into a relationship like this with someone you barely know. It would only work with a woman as strong, confident, and intelligent as Sam, and I love that Ethan is man enough to be what she needs.

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