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ISBN#: 978-1-60435-330-3
July 2009
Red Rose Publishing
30 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Skyla’s job as the head of PR for Safe Sex Incorporated is not progressing as quickly as she would like. She wants a bigger piece of the company, but the boss seems content to keep her right where she is.

The founder of Pro-Love has a mountain of obstacles to overcome if emotions are to ever be allowed back in society. But Jin has every confidence that love is the only way to once again reclaim power over corporations.

Preaching day in and day out about the horrors that befell the world when love ran rampant is what Skyla does best, but is it really all that necessary? Why would people want to feel an emotion that clouded all reasonable thought and judgment anyway? She cannot imagine anything more distasteful than not being in control, until she runs into Jin. He makes her feel all manner of forbidden emotions, good and bad, but when it comes to her job she has to make a decision that could lead to complete disaster.

Love being thought of as a disease is certainly an interesting concept. I am still not quite sure what the “love condoms” are, or how they are used. They are mentioned throughout the story, but very little is actually described. This is an amusing read, and the dialogue is well done, but more detail could really enhance the plot.

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